Kenneth Setzer

Lost & Found Creatures—The Lazarus Species

So-called “Lazarus species” are living things declared extinct, only to be rediscovered alive at a later date; sometimes much later.

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The Mushrooms are Coming!

Or the mycelial fruit bodies are, via the USPS or UPS, not sure which. On my life’s list of goals has been to find and photograph bioluminescent mushrooms in the … Continue reading

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Further Fungi Following me Home, et al.

Ok, what the hell is this? I love mushrooms. I still think they may have an extraterrestrial origin. But these recent visitors to my front yard are just so weird. … Continue reading

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Seeking: Killer Trees and Forbidden Fruit

There are poisonous trees in the world, but one is so poisonous, it’s said if you fall asleep under it, you will sleep forever. It’s called the Manchineel tree, Hippomane … Continue reading

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