Kenneth Setzer

The Mushrooms are Coming!

Or the mycelial fruit bodies are, via the USPS or UPS, not sure which. On my life’s list of goals has been to find and photograph bioluminescent mushrooms in the wild. I love mushrooms; I love glowing things. Together, and it’s like a beautiful woman who also happens to be really smart: the best of all worlds (yes, Ariel, I mean you). However until that dream comes true I’ve decided to take some initiative and buy a “grow your own glow mushrooms” kit. Here’s a pic of the final product from the manufacturer:

Panellus Stipticus

When the kit arrives, I’m going to document the growing process. I can’t wait. I envision reading in bed and gazing over to my shelf full of curiosities. On it will be the terrarium of glowing mushrooms!

Also on the fungal front, I finally photographed a mushroom in the wild I’ve been yearning to encounter: the Stinky Squid.

Stinky Squid

I’m not sure which species it is exactly, but I’m happy with it anyway. This character was only about 1/4″ tall, and looked a lot like a rooster claw. And like the Latticed Stinkhorn, it attracts insects with its bad smell. They in turn spread its spores far and wide.

Stinky Squid

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