Kenneth Setzer

A Year+ as a Professional Writer

Wow, I can hardly believe I’m writing these words, particularly the title of this post. In May 2013, I happily accepted the position as a full-time writer/editor/photographer, etc., at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in Coral Gables, Florida. What an opportunity! Somewhere in the “About Me” section of this blog, I had written that if I could do anything, I’d probably choose to photograph plants and bugs and other critters and write about them. Now I am fortunate enough to get to do that.

I work in a most beautiful place, a tropical botanic garden! But I am happy to report it’s more than just pretty to look at. I am honored to get to see the research and conservation going on there. From mapping DNA to physically replanting endangered plants where they rightfully should be, it’s happening, done by very dedicated people. Plus we have incredibly cool events (an entire festival around chocolate!), educational programs (wish I could go to botany camp!), strange plants (some of which I wrote about before even working at Fairchild), and some fantastic animals like scorpions, snakes, birds and lizards. I have a blog there as well, which I hope to combine with this one. The last post there is from months ago, but check back and many more will appear soon as our new . . . well you’ll see.

I hope to see you at the Garden, as well as here and on your own blogs soon.

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