Kenneth Setzer

The Lazy Birdwatcher

I despise getting up early. It is painful for me. Unfortunately, though I don’t consider myself a birder, most birdwatching requires early-hour traipses through all sorts of natural and manmade landscapes to see interesting avifauna.

Having missed a previous opportunity to possibly see roseate spoonbills, one of the weirder looking marvels out there, I was thrilled to see one in a flooded pasture in Homestead, Florida. Though with only my cellphone camera along, I couldn’t manage a decent shot beyond a pink blur.

Finally a roseate spoonbill was spotted feeding at my place of employment! It couldn’t get much easier than this. So around 4:30 one Friday a couple weeks ago I got wet feet, but also got close up to this beauty:


A stunning roseate spoonbill. Thanks for letting me intrude.

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