Kenneth Setzer

Castellow Hammock Continued

Way back in October, I posted about a great walk I took through the Miami-Dade County Park of Castellow Hammock. It was great in no small part due to the proliferation of fungi I found. All kinds of mushrooms were waiting for me. I couldn’t show them all without making the post too long, so here are the rest. It only took me six weeks.

Dead Man's Fist?

I left off with a shot of Dead Man’s Fingers fungus.

This is part of the grouping of Dead Man’s Fingers, but note the twig the fungus grew around. To me, this looks like a threatening fist holding a stick: “Get off my lawn, you damn kids!”

Elegant Little Orange-Capped Fungus on Moss

Elegant Little Orange-Capped Fungus on Moss

Greenish cupped mushroom

Oyster fungus

Shelf Fungus with Frilled Edges

Carpet of Fungus Superficially Resembling Lichen

Another Oyster-Like Fungus

Shelf Fungus and Droplet

Fungi with Striate, Umbonate Caps

Portrait. Same Species as Previous Image?

Fallen Tree Covered in Shelf Fungi

Wonderfully Gelatinous Orange Mushrooms — The Most Colorful of the Day

Almost Black/Purple Mushroom

Another Showy Shroom on Bark. Deeply Marginate Cap

I welcome any suggestions as to identification. I’m not very good at that, and also am lazy.

I do however hold great affection for our under-appreciated fungi. They are just so beautiful. And the beer I’m drinking right now wouldn’t be possible without them!

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